Defense of Laurine Bogaert’s thesis on the modeling of the continuous pressing of rapeseed

Defense of Laurine's thesis

Friday, December 8, Laurine Bogaert presented her doctoral work before a jury chaired by Mr. Jean-Louis Lanoisellé (University South Brittany).

The jury consisted of:

Ms. Patricia Arlabosse, Professor, Albi-Carmaux Mining School
Mr. Pierre-Yves Pontalier, Associate Professor, National School of Engineering in Chemical and Technological Arts, Toulouse
Mr. Abdellatif El Badia, University Professor, Compiègne University of Technology
Mr. Jean-Louis Lanoisellé, University Professor, University of South Brittany, Lorient
Mr. Alain Quinsac, research and development engineer, Terres Inovia, Pessac
Mr. Houcine Mhemdi, research professor, high school of mineral organic chemistry, Compiègne
Mr Eugène Vorobiev, University Professor, University of Technology Compiègne
Guest Member: Mr Mathieu Janowski, Design Office Manager, Olexa, Arras

This thesis was funded with the assistance of the FASO and the ANRT by OLEAD which served as host company.
All of the work carried out in the framework of this thesis has made it possible to improve the understanding of the pressing process at different scales, with the study of the overall operation of the press, the flow of the material and the mechanical behavior of the cake during compression. The knowledge generated represents an important scientific contribution thanks to the identification of the phenomena of compression, mixing, relaxation and reflux. On the other hand, from the technological point of view, the contribution is also of major interest, thanks to the development of methods for the diagnosis of flow and the verification of material balances. The modeling work, although based on models developed for the discontinuous pressing, made it possible to describe the continuous pressing by a phenomenological approach. The developed material balance equations are a good tool for predicting the performance of the press and could be of great interest to the crushers.