Recent publications by our team

The OCL review accepted two articles written by our collaborators at the end of the PROVEGAL research program.

The first has Morgane Citeau as lead author. It is entitled “Improved rapeseed oil extraction yield and quality via cold separation of ethanol miscella“.

This article focuses on the impact of the cold-phase oil recovery process in the extraction of oil by hot ethanol. Polar lipids and free fatty acids are kept in the ethanolic phase resulting in a very good oil quality and easy refining. The article also contains data on the kinetics of oil extraction by hot ethanol based on particle size.

The second was written mainly by Patrick Carré, it is entitled “Hot ethanol extraction: economic feasibility of a new and green process“.

In this paper, we evaluate the economic feasibility of a process where the extraction is carried out in ethanol at a temperature above the boiling point. For this, the seeds are finely ground and suspended in the solvent for solid-liquid separation in hydrocyclones. The process that requires prior drying of the seeds to avoid adding water to the solvent is more expensive than the conventional process. However, it is estimated that this additional cost could be accepted by a segment of the meals market that could value the “hexane-free” character of this material. In addition, the process benefits from the protein enrichment effect conferred upon it by the ability of azeotropic ethanol to solubilize certain polar compounds of the seed. The positive conclusions of this study encourage us to verify some of the assumptions that have been postulated.

These articles are available on the site of the review in pdf format in open access.