Change of Operations Manager

Arrival of Audrey Comitis to replace Marie Gaud as OLEAD Chief Operating Officer

Marie Gaud opted for a professional change, OLEAD has recruited Audrey Comitis to succeed her.

Marie Gaud, formerly in the position of Operations Manager, was mainly responsible for supervising Olead’s production activity and guaranteeing maintenance and processes improvement activity. Over the years, she has gained significant field experience in the domain of refining. This experience will not be lost because her professional project will allow her to remain available for possible support.


Exploitation manager
Audrey Comitis

Audrey Comitis obtained her diploma as a food industry engineer from ENSAIA Nancy with a specialization in the management of production activities. She began her career at Lactalis Nestlé as a manufacturing team leader for 4 years. She then joined the Andros group as Process Engineer where she participated in the development of new ultra-fresh desserts. She then joined Nutrition et Nature where she helped develop the unit specializing in vegetable protein catering products as an assistant to the manufacturing manager.

The transmission has been completed at the beginning of July.