OLEAD joins ITERG, of which it becomes the First Transformation department

From the beginning of this year, OLEAD is absorbed by one of its shareholders: ITERG, Institut des Corps Gras (French Oils & Fats Istitute). With the exception of solvent extraction services, our activities are maintained and your contacts can be reached at their previous contact details.iterg
The main difference concerns the custommers of our R&D services who will now be able to benefit from the advantage granted to institutional research clients in terms of research tax credit.

The Board  has taken this decision in order to simplify the governance of the Pessac site, which currently includes all of the services of ITERG, the Oilseed Development Department of  Terres  Inovia (Technical Institute of Oilseeds and Pulses) and OLEAD. This reorganization will be the starting point for modernizing the tools dedicated to studies on the crushing of seeds and the refining of oils. The decision to stop the extraction services is justified by the need to reduce the constraints induced on the site by an installation meeting the safety requirements of solvent extraction and the desire to prioritize research and development work.