Oilseed–protein crops technology platform

bandeauOlead1erpageOLEAD is a set of pilot plants dedicated to the processing of oilseed and the refining of vegetable oils

Driven by two technical centers and supported by the financial branch of the French oilseed sector, OLEAD brings together on a single site all the tools of first transformation allowing the seeds to be triturated to extract the oil and to refine the vegetable oils.
Our vocation is to serve the entire value chain of the vegetable oils and proteins sector by offering the possibility to work industrial processes on a scale compatible with R & D requirements. We place ourselves in the path of innovation to enable projects to take the first steps of industrialization by transferring the processes from the laboratory to a scale closer to the conditions of industrial production.
Our services are dedicated to all the players using these technologies: agri-food, cosmetics, extraction of hydrophobic plant ingredients, equipment manufacturers, academic research, etc.
We are also closely interested in vegetable proteins, particularly the defatting stages, which are often essential for the extraction and recovery of these proteins.
Some of our tools are also open to the toll processing for rare materials available in limited quantities.