Oilseed–protein crops technology platform

bandeauOlead1erpageFrom the beginning of 2020, OLEAD becomes the First Transformation department of ITERG.

After 4 years of existence in the form of an independent society, the OLEAD team is transferred to the Institut des Corps Gras (French Oil & Fats Institute) from which it becomes the First Transformation department. The toll-processing activities related to solvent extractions will be stopped to give more room for the development of R&D activities concerning the entire Pessac / Canéjan site.

During the transitional phase – you can continue to contact your usual contacts who keep their OLEAD contact details. Apart from toll-extraction, all of the services that OLEAD performed are maintained within ITERG.iterg

Remember that these relate to:

  1. Research and development services in the fields of oilseed processing and vegetable oil refining.
  2. Toll-processing services for seeds (shelling, pressing, heat treatments) and refining of small batches of oil (2 to 1,000 kg).

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.