Who we are

colzaTracteurOLEAD is a joint-venture enterprise merging the ITERG and Terres Inovia applied technology centres under oilseed–protein crop venture investment company SOFIPROTEOL. ITERG injected its refining branch assets into French SAS [‘LLC’] CREOL which had been operating the pilot-scale crushing facilities run as the OléoPro-brand commodity chain.

Mission vision

Our shareholders have pooled resources to create a unique platform of technological facilities centred around applied oil crop–protein crop commodity processing chains.

Our mission is to serve the common interests of the oilseed–protein crop commodity chain and the animal fats sector.

The disciplines covered run from lipid extraction through to the purification of extraction-process co-products (oils, oilcakes, fibre fractions, fibre-rich fractions), and also span protein crops, lipids from animal-sector commodity chains, lipids from fermentation biomass.


1979 — the Pessac centre is created by ITERG [French institute for fats and oils] and CETIOM [R&D hub for the French oilseed industry, precursing Terres Inovia] around a set of pilot-scale plant facilities run as an economic-interest consortium called GERDOC.
1996 — ITERG pulls out of the consortium for economic reasons.
2000 — CETIOM, now sole owner of the crushing plant facilities, completes a major infrastructural retrofit with financial support from SOFIPROTÉOL and the EU (ERDF aid). The new entity is spun off from CETIOM to become a French SAS [‘LLC’] called CREOL.
2003 — ITERG, with ERDF support, invests in a new refining-process pilot plant.
2016 — the pilot-plant facilities are merged, developing into the new OLEAD

OLEAD in numbers

2018 turnover (estimated revenue) €1.5M
Permanent staff: 12 people (including 3 engineers)

7 pilot plants, around 1,100 m² facility space.