R&D tax credit

OLEAD enjoys a ruling from the French Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Higher Education and Research enabling our clients to claim their R&D work subcontracted to OLEAD under the French R&D tax credit scheme (‘CIR’).

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ECOCERT – Refining ingredients for the cosmetics market

OLEAD delivers refining and deodorizing services for biological raw materials monitored by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS and Ecocert Greenlife standard specs.

OLEAD can also deliver cold-press extraction and refining solutions for organically-farmed and food-market raw materials, in a capacity as ‘non-committed handler’ for Ecocert purposes.

HACCP approach

The refining-process facility is run under a HACCP approach and qualified to process food-market raw materials.

ISO 9001ISO 9001 (white)

The Lloyd’s have certified our quality system as conform to the standard ISO 9001 / 2015. The certificate can be uploaded with this link.


Some of our services meet the requirements of Halal–Kosher dietary laws.

Animal feed

OLEAD is an officially-listed supplier of livestock feeds.

Customs duty: Inward Processing Relief

OLEAD has received several IP authorizations to import raw materials to be processed by OLEAD into goods for re-export. This scheme can be used to get relief from customs duty and import VAT.