The staff

Function Name Notes

Person belonging to other organisations

DirectionGC G. Chantre  ITERG General Manager
 R&D Manager
Patrick Carré
 P. Carré
 + 33 556.07.97.13
Projects manager
M. Citeau (PhD)
 +33 533.89.05.43
 R&D Technician
JP. Loison
 +33 533.89.05.41
 Exploitation Exploitation manager Audrey Comitis
+33 556.07.97.16
Toll-extraction JY.  Dupland +33 533.89.05.42
Crushing technicians F. Compagnet
G. Robin
D. Sellier
T. Pereira
Extraction & oil refining M. Gouband
Analysis / Refining (pilot) V. Galand
Oil refining technician J. Goulet
Administrative assistant M. Pinheiro-Machado

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